Video conferencing systems have become an integral part of our everyday lives, whether you're teaching online or attending meetings online for business.

In the development of MoinCam, essential factors were taken into consideration. It was set up as an easy-to-use interactive system that can be used by everyone from an elementary school student to a university professor in a very practical and convenient way. The fact that our team consists of trained IT experts and specialists allowed us to develop MoinCam, a unique, innovative product that includes all the features of modern conferencing systems, thus satisfying the many different user needs of modern online communication.

With MoinCam you can easily host or participate in video conferences, meetings and trainings from your educational institution, your workplace or from home and thus meet your business and private conversation as well as learning and teaching needs.

We would like to emphasize our German-speaking customer service, the use of reliable German servers and compliance with German laws on personal data protection.

We are constantly working on perfecting the system and adapting it to the growing demands of the digital world. To do this, we are guided not only by the latest technological trends but also by the opinions, needs and wishes of our customers, because our customers know best what features and enhancements they want for their work with MoinCam.

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