We perform all repairs for cell phones, tablets, notebooks and smartwatches of all major brands professionally and affordably, and provide you with a 1-year warranty on our services.

All digital products have a certain lifespan. You may encounter unexpected problems at unexpected times or when you need it most. In such a case, we will come to your rescue and repair your broken device as soon as possible and offer it back to you. On our website you will get all the qualitative and guaranteed products necessary for your device. You can ensure that the necessary actions are taken by ordering parts or sending in the device. As Run-fix, we perform all the operation, maintenance and repair of your cell phones, computers, tablets and smartwatches with our professional team. Instead of throwing away your devices, we offer you the opportunity to repair them the right way with the help of our experienced team members and use them as before. We not only repair, but also provide you with the best quality spare parts at the guaranteed lowest price. On our website you can find spare parts of many brands. At the same time, you can easily reach all kinds of accessories products. Let us repair it, you will continue to use it with pleasure.

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