Software Service For Mobile Applications

As Informatik we have the experience to live the beginning of the mobile age. Towards this direction, we apply all our knowledge for advanced mobile application development for iOS and Android devices.With our dominance of mobile Software languages, we have greatly expanded our area of expertise. As a result, we produce applications that run smoothly and consistently.These applications meet UI / UX criteria and are optimised according to client requirements.
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Implementation phase for mobile applications (short version)

In the first phase, we listen to you and determine what kind of application you need for your corporate or individual project. . It is determined which functions this application should have. Then we decide which platform it should be on (hybrid, native). If Data is to be pulled from the internet, what infrastructure is to be used on the server side and other determinations are made.. Finally, we carry out the information process for you. After we have selected the most suitable option for you, we obtain your approval. We then carry out the feasibility study and planning and present it to you in the form of a report.

Mobile iOS application development

iOS is one of the most widely used mobile applications today. It has the feature of carrying iOS operating system of Apple. It is the software used in various devices like iPhone and iPad developed by Apple. The software coded in the structure of this application called iOS is commonly referred to as iPhone application development.Software coded according to the IOS operating system is downloaded from the Apple application shop called the App Store. It is then available for use. It uses Software languages that are different from the Android operating system.For this platform, our experienced Software experts prepare user-friendly applications that meet all your requirements.

Android-based mobile application development

Android mobile application is the process of coding applications that run on the open source Android system developed by Google.It is a Software language used by most smartphones and tablets. Applications written specifically for the Android Software language are listed in the Google PlayStore if they meet the required criteria. Users can easily access the applications developed by our expert teams through this shop.

Mobile Application Software Service FAQ About

What Does Corporate Web Design Do?

This system, which is made using the most up-to-date software and graphic design technology, allows businesses or institutions to introduce their corporate identities on the internet in the most accurate way. It helps you to be well known on the internet.Remember, the better you are known on the internet, the more return you get.

Why is a Corporate Website Necessary?

Institutional competition is escalating mostly in online environments today. For this reason, web design service has a vital importance.

What are the Content Features of Corporate Web Design?

First of all, it consists of the contents of corporate introducing, unlimited product addition, 5-level category system, survey and form. It also includes human resources, google maps, in-site search, news, announcements and press materials.Finance data, portfolio, request for proposal system, animation part, social media integration are among the contents. It consists of internal content features such as dealer list, photo gallery, video gallery, e-commerce integration.In addition to the membership system, and banner promotion areas, other special requests can also be included.

What are the Services Provided for Corporate Web Design?

Services provided for corporate web design consist of multi-language support and taking photos. It also includes logo design, photo editing, content development support, animation design,  SEO work on the site. Off-site SEO work, mass mailing service, and site update service are provided. There are Google AdWords service, digital catalog, video editing, and video promotion preparation services. Hosting and domain name registration service, social media consultancy and management are provided. Google maps, google business, corporate identity and mass SMS sending services are offered.