Experience the ultimate beauty sleep with the original Beauty Pillow!


Experience the ultimate beauty sleep with the original Beauty Pillow!

This innovative pillow is designed with:

  • 6 sleep zones for orthopedic support, reducing facial compression, and stimulating circulation.
  • Highest quality VISCO memory foam for all-night support and comfort.

Say goodbye to morning puffiness and deep-set sleep wrinkles!

The Beauty Pillow’s patented design includes specific sleep zones for back sleepers and side sleepers, ensuring optimal support and alignment. The head cradle keeps your head in a comfortable position, minimizing movement that can cause pulling of the delicate facial skin.

Take your beauty sleep routine to the next level with the Skin+ Pillowcase:

  • Made with patented Tencel sleep technology fabric for clearer and fresher skin.
  • Infused with microcapsules of antioxidant carotenoids for skin repair and restoration.
  • Boost collagen production and improve skin elasticity.

Your Beauty Pillow set comes in the iconic Hey Beauty cylindrical box, ensuring secure packaging. The pillow is vacuum packed and includes your chosen pillowcase for convenience.

Transform your nightly routine with the Beauty Pillow. Order your set today and start enjoying the benefits of a more comfortable and skin-friendly sleep!




January 18, 2021